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Valentine's Day Cuteness...and I am not talking about the card!

Valentine's Day

 Playing a tiny little part in the happiness of special little people makes me smile!

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Meet the Lil’ Girlfriends

Lil Girlfriends

Meet the Lil’ Girlfriends: Britani, Trina and Ava. They are three sweet little elementary schoolmates who love fashion and fun, sports and smiles, and giggles and grins. Stay tuned to learn more about Britani, Trina and Ava and their many friends and adventures.

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Radio Baseball


I had not planned on blogging tonight. But tonight a wonderful childhood memory popped into my mind, and I decided to share. I was reminded of summertime when I was kid. My father was a huge fan of baseball. His favorite team was the Phillies. I do not recall that he ever attended a game at the Vet. I am not even sure if he ever watched games on TV. I do know that he regularly listened to games on the radio both in the car and in the house.

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Hello Kitty Princess

Like many little girls my niece, Armani, LOVES Hello Kitty. For her 5th birthday I sent her a box of several Hello Kitty items: tutu, shirt, pants, purse, toiletry bag, toothbrush, hand sanitizer, pencils, hairbrush, barrettes, and more. The gifts were a hit! My sister reports that Armani wants to wear the tutu all of the time.

What a cutie

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Our Hot Dog Bar


Today is National Hot Dog Day.  Isaiah loves hot dogs, so he was excited when I told him that on National Hot Dog Day we would have a hot dog bar so that we could make our favorite hotdogs.  In addition to the classic toppings:  mustard, ketchup and relish, we had other hot dog fixings to make a few regional favorites.  However, Isaiah, the traditionalist, was content with just ketchup, mustard (applied in a straight line) and relish. He also refuses...

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