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Nov 12 2018 0 Comments

Choose Kindness

For World Kindness Day I thought about creating a list of Random Acts of Kindness ideas for others to implement. Instead I decided to write a list of acts of kindness that I challenge myself to do—not only today, but on a regular basis:

  • Reach out to a relative who I have not communicated with in a while—especially older ones who were always kind to me as a child.
  • Send an uplifting text to an acquaintance who is having a rough time. I see so many social media posts where people describe personal or professional challenges. In addition to posting a reaction, reaching out on a more personal level would mean a lot to the person.
  • Sincerely acknowledge people who have challenging jobs that make my life easier. Don’t get me wrong, I am quick to thank people who do for me. However, recently a 15-year-old girl pointed out to me that there are people who work hard and often do not get sincere acknowledgement of their efforts. Her example was restaurant servers and customer service professionals.
  • Be the sunshine. Sometimes I am so caught up in all the things that are going on in my world—big things and little things—that my presence does not bring positive vibes.
  • Just donate them already! I have a growing pile of clothes and a box of household items that I “plan” to donate…. but I have not. I just walk past them again and again.
  • Be kinder to myself. I need to understand that it is OK to have an apple cider donut even though it has a million calories and is not gluten-free.

What act of kindness will you challenge yourself to do?






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