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About Stacey M Design


My mission is to build self-confidence in kids. I believe that there is something about every child that is special. That special thing is what makes each child unique and great. I believe that when a child taps into that inner greatness, the world of possibilities opens up to that child. The child performs better in the classroom, feels more at ease in social situations, and is empowered to pursue his or her dreams. The child is full of gratitude, is compassionate, and has a serving heart. I believe that the child who understands his or her inner greatness is a more confident child and blossoms into a more confident adult. My mission is to help children tap into that inner greatness—I call it their “super power.”

 :: WHAT I DO ::

I am an author and illustrator. I design products that not only make kids smile, but that also encourage kids to think about how beautiful they are inside and out.  The guided journals in my "Super Power" series each feature fun and thought-provoking activities that help kids tap into their inner greatness. The guided journals are designed for use alongside elementary school curricula or in other group settings. Children also enjoy using them at home. Whether they are used at school, in a group, or at home, parents and educators report that the "Super Power" guided journals encourage productive conversations.

I also offer a line of stationery and gifts that feature my original illustrations of kids with a variety of skin tones, hair colors, and ethnicities. I even have illustrations of kids with glasses and hearing aids. Kids feel good about themselves when they see positive images that resemble them. They smile and their confidence grows.


I am the Founder and Creative Director of Stacey M Design, Inc., a small yet hugely creative design studio with a simple mission:  to build self-confidence in kids. I am an east coast kid. I was born in Connecticut, grew up around Philadelphia, and attended Columbia University in the City of New York. I have lived in Aurora, Illinois for nearly 20 years. I am blessed to have an amusingly wonderful husband, a teenage son who is the joy of my life, and a totally awesome guinea pig who has a big personality and is constantly hungry.