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About Us

Who I am
My name is Stacey Montgomery, the owner of Stacey M Design, Inc., a small yet hugely creative design studio with a simple mission: to make kids smile.  I am a east coast kid.  I was born in Connecticut, grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and went to college in New York.  I moved to Chicago after graduate school and now live in Aurora, Illinois.  I am blessed to have an amusingly wonderful husband, a teenage son who is the joy of my life, and a   totally awesome guinea pig who has a big personality and is constantly hungry.


Why I do what I do
I love kids and I want them to be happy. A large part of happiness is having a positive self-image. When children see themselves reflected in a favorable way in images in the world, the impact is immediate, powerful and affirming. I was drawn to create images that have such an impact. They are simple, sweet, and life-affirming. The kids I draw have black hair, red hair, brown hair and blonde hair. Their skin tones vary from light to dark. Multiple ethnicities are represented. Some of the kids have glasses, some do not.  Some have freckles, some do not.  They are ALL smiling. They are all happy. This is what childhood is all about.

How it Began
I started what later became Stacey M Design two decades ago when I designed my first Christmas card. Unable to find a Christmas card that reflected my heritage and my personality, I decided to design my own. From there my obsession with greeting cards was born.  My small line of greeting cards ended up on the shelves of large retailers such as Marshall Fields, Nordstrom and Carson's as well as small gift, stationery and bookstores across the country. Later I expanded the line to include note cards, invitations, and gifts.

And Now
While still obsessed with greeting cards and stationery, my line now includes a growing number of gift items such as placemats, journals, luggage tags and school supplies. I sell my products through my website, brick and mortar retailers,vendor events and at fundraisers.  I still get excited when a child looks at one of my images and squeals, "That looks like me!!!"