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Happy Birthday, Sis!

birthday family greeting card

Those who have followed Stacey M Design for the past several years know that I frequently feature the character, "Trina," on my products.  Trina is the first character that I came up with for Stacey M Design.  She is based on my big sis whose name happens to be Trina.  Today is her birthday.

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A New Brand

branding design logo

Recently I had the privilege of working with Sara Cormier of Cormier Creative on designing new branding for Stacey M Design. The collaboration resulted in a brand new logo that reflects Stacey M Design's fun, bright aesthetic. 



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Beyond "Thx," "TYVM," and "TY": Sending Thank You Note Cards

etiquette teen thank you thank you note card

While there are some occasions where a quick text or phone call is the appropriate or acceptable way to thank someone for a good deed, there are other occasions where a handwritten thank you note is the best option.  While they may seem to be a little old-schoolish, many people really appreciate receiving a thank you note in the mail. 

What to Say in a Thank You Note
Be specific in your thank you cards by mentioning the specific gift or kind act. For example, instead of saying,...

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Birthday Cake and Cookies Inspired by Hockey Boy Invitation

hockey inspiration invitation party

Talented Naperville cake artist Maria of Be Sweet, By Maria designed an adorable cake and cookies inspired by my Hockey Boy Party Invitation



Images courtesy of HWM Photography.

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Design Project: Create signage for a hotel for dogs


If your pooch saw these signs, would he or she know what to do? Would you? 
What a fun project!

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