National Handwriting Day- Yep, It's a Thing!

Jan 23 2020 0 Comments journaling thank you note card writing

Today is National Handwriting Day! When I first started my business, it was primarily a stationery company. In fact, its former name was Stacey-nery!  Back then, my mission was to offer paper products that featured illustrations that reflect the world in which we live. Years later I changed the name of my company, clarified my mission, and expanded my product line. With my line of journals and programs for kids, handwriting is now even more important to what I do.

Handwriting is an effective and highly impactful way to connect with others. Despite our obsession with technology and reliance on the speed and efficiency of social messaging, we are deeply moved by a handwritten communication.  We understand that handwriting a note takes more effort. Think about it. Why do we NOT handwrite an expression of gratitude or any other type of sentiment? The answer to this question is often because it is quicker to simply send a text, social media message, or email. It is less expensive to communicate electronically. There are so many extra steps to sending a letter—purchasing stationery, writing the letter, finding a stamp, and taking it to the Post Office.  All of this is true. Still, the impact of the process of handwriting a note and the impact of receiving a handwritten message are far more positive compared to electronic communication.

Handwriting is essential to the social emotional learning program that I offer elementary schools, to my Girl Scout workshops, and to my service projects.The kids that take part in my programs have grown up with technology. They do not know a world without cellphones, tablets, computers, and the internet. Still, most of them enjoy the writing aspects of what I do, including receiving handwritten notes from their peers and from me.

Whether it is National Handwriting Day or any other day, I have a challenge for you. Handwrite a note to someone special. I guarantee this:  the recipient will be pleasantly surprised.




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