Stacey Montgomery

Author and Social Emotional Learning Innovator

My mission is to empower kids, and I am passionate about providing kids with tools to help them understand that they matter. I also enjoy connecting with parents and teachers and sharing my ideas about the importance of self-love and helping kids realize that who they are as they are makes them special.

Signature Talks

  • Respect for Others Starts with Respect for Self. Kids who feel good about who they are and how they fit in the community are better equipped to have positive feelings about others.
  • Owning Your Power. Teaching kids to acknowledge their strengths not only helps them achieve academically and socially, but also helps them contribute to the community.


Stacey Montgomery spoke to the Leadership Team at Women Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success. In her presentation, Stacey helped the team “own their powers” and to recognize and appreciate the strengths and powers of their teammates. This was a very powerful and uplifting presentation that helped to make our team work better together as a cohesive unit.

-Jen Hall
WESOS Regional Leadership Director


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