Author Visits

Author Stacey Montgomery holding What Are Your Big Dreams? guided journal

I am the author of several confidence-building guided journals for kids. I love visiting elementary schools and libraries to meet young readers, budding writers, and anyone who is curious about becoming a published author. The ideal grade range for my author visits is 3rd-5th.

In addition to writing prompts, each book contains a short story, a poem, and an interview with a real kid. Because each contains several different types of illustrated writing and my books are guided journals, students get the opportunity to explore a less conventional type of published book. 

In addition to presentations involving sharing my process as an author and reading from my book, I also offer hands-on workshops.

Available titles include:

What's Your Super Power?
What Makes You A Leader?

I am based in Aurora, Illinois. I visit schools within a reasonable diving distance, but am also willing to travel. 


Author Presentations

My author visits involve a discussion of the theme of the book and my process for writing and illustrating the short story and other parts of the book. I also read the short story. The presentation ends with a journaling activity. 

Presentations work best with groups of up to 50 students. The duration is 60 minutes. 


What's Your Super Power? Workshop


My workshops allow a more hands-on and intimate learning experience with learners. 

Titles available for workshops include: What's Your Super Power? and What Makes You A Leader?  Each participant receives a copy of the guided journal.

We begin with a discussion about the theme of the workshop followed by completing 2-3 journaling exercises pages in their guided journals. The workshop ends with a craft. Except for standard items such as crayons, I provide all materials for the craft.

Workshops work best with with smaller groups of up to approximately 30 students. The duration of a workshop is 60-75 minutes. 


School Visit Preferences

When I visit a school, I prefer to be there for the day, doing up to 3 presentations and/or workshops during a visit. However, I am willing to do single presentations as well as present at after school events such as literacy nights. 

Smaller spaces like libraries, classrooms, or lunchrooms that have tables or desks are preferred since my presentations typically involve writing and the workshops involve writing and a craft. If time permits, I am also happy to sign books during my visits. 


To Schedule

To schedule an author visit or for questions, send Stacey an email at



"I highly recommend Stacey's "What is Your Super Power Workshop". Our 4th grader girls loved the workshop and the parents loved that they would continue working through the journal at home. This is such an important topic! Thank you."

-Jessica Dieterle, Junior Girl Scout Troop 55850