Boys Need Help With Confidence

Aug 14 2018 0 Comments

A significant amount of attention is paid to the problem of girls and poor self-confidence—and rightly so.  There needs to be an equal amount of attention focused on boys and poor self confidence.  The issue of poor self-confidence is a crisis that impacts boys and girls.  Teachers and parents see the results of low self-esteem and not feeling empowered in boys every day.  Boys bully and are the victims of bullying.  Boys show overly aggressive behavior.  Boys are diagnosed with anxiety and depression.  Boys commit suicide.  Boys struggle with body image issues. Boys underachieve academically.  Boys struggle socially.  Addressing the problem should be as much as a priority for boys as it is with girls. 

I witnessed a drop in my son’s self-esteem around the age of 10-11.  As he progressed through middle school and entered high school the drop was pronounced.  We encouraged him.  His teachers encouraged him.  We sent him to counseling.  It has helped some, but he still struggles.

I am passionate about empowering ALL KIDS.  I think it is awesome that there are so many organizations and programs for girls.  What I find frustrating is that there are relatively few for boys.  Yes, I know, they do exist, but are few by comparison.  I find it frustrating when I hear people say that boys are encouraged from birth, and do not need help in that area. I strongly disagree.



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