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Stacey came to our Brownie meeting and worked with our Troop on What’s Your Super Power and it was a great experience!! The girls loved their journals and all of them were able to see we each have our own Super Power which is what makes us special. We also talked about bullying and wrote letters to bullies to take their power away. Overall it was a great experience for the girls and it helped them all to see how truly beautiful and unique they are! Thank you Stacey!!”   Margie Manietta, Naperville, IL


Stacey M Design, Inc. offers workshops for kids that are based on its guided journals, "What's Your Super Power?" and "What Makes You So Awesome?"   With a focus on helping kids tap into their inner greatness-- their super powers-- each workshop includes a variety of fun, yet thought-provoking activities that help kids feel more socially connected and competent.  To schedule a workshop, contact us.

The Workshops

--Designed for elementary school grades 3-5, scouts, homeschool groups, camps, clubs, and non-profit organizations
roup size: 10-25

--Single day or weekly series options
--Facilitated by author/illustrator/mom, Stacey Montgomery
--Customizable based on needs and audience
--Workshops encourage active participation through group discussion, journaling, and other activities
--Sample activities:  Discovering super powers, discussing friendship/besties, writing "Letter to Bully," and discussing gratitude/writing thank you notes.

--Journals and other materials included in fee

The Journals

“What’s Your Super Power?” for girls and “What Makes You So Awesome?” for boys are designed to build self-confidence. Each journal is a unique journaling experience designed to help kids focus on their inner greatness--their super powers.

Activities in the books include full page journaling; short, prompted journaling; kid interviews and quotations; coloring and drawing activities; an empowering poem; and a short story.

Each 6”x 9” book is printed on high quality matte paper and contains original illustrations of kids with a range of skin tones, ethnicities, hair colors, and hair styles.

To schedule a workshop, contact us.