Welcome, Fall!

Sep 21 2017 0 Comments

Fall Leaves

While summer is my favorite season, there is something about fall that I also love. The leaves. The stunning reds, yellows, oranges and browns.  Even as the temperature begins to drop, the colors of fall always remind me of a warm hug.  Perhaps this was why as a kid I loved playing in piles of leaves. After raking them into a colorful heap, it felt good just sitting in it.  My mom once said that sitting in a pile of leaves was one of the rare moments that I was still.

Yes the stillness was usually temporary.  Eventually I gave in to the freedom that the leaves also represented.  I broke out of the hug and reveled in destroying the pile, grabbing handfuls of leaves and throwing them into the air.  I then stood there as they floated on top of me. 

Happy Fall!


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