Thank You Note Card Tips

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Thank you notecards by Stacey M Design

  1. A little at a time.  Whether the thank you notes are for birthday gifts, holiday gifts, or because of some other special occasion, it is tough for kids to complete ALL of them in one sitting. Think about it. For an 8-year-old, writing 10 thank you notes at one time is kinda like an adult writing 50 wedding thank you notes at one time. Of course you are thankful, but writer’s cramp starts to set in!
  2. Make it routine.  Encourage your kiddos to write short thank you notes for everyday acts of kindness. When writing thank yous becomes part of their routine, writing a few more after receiving gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions is less of a big deal.
  3. Make it fun.  Expressing gratitude should not be a chore. Make it fun. Purchase thank you note cards that they can color and decorate. Let them pick out cards that reflect their interests.Yes, there are about million options for unicorn cards! There are also options for personalized cards. If your kid loves the card, he or she is more likely to be excited about writing them.
  4. For the little, little ones.  For kids who are just starting to write, find fill-in-the-blank cards that only require writing a few words. Or, let your kid dictate and you write. Your kid can then sign the card.
  5. Do it with your kids. What about YOUR thank you note cards? Write your cards along with your kids. This will show your kids that showing gratitude is important for every body, and is not just another "thing" that parents make kids do. 
Check out our selection of thank you note cards.  We have several types including color-in and fill-in, foldover, flat, and mini cards.


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