Embrace Your Different

Sep 07 2018 0 Comments

As a kid I often felt different—mostly because of my skin color. From preschool through high school I went to schools were I was typically one of 1-5 African American students in my class. While I lived in mostly predominantly African American neighborhoods, I rarely fit in because I did not attend the same schools as the kids in my neighborhood. I was ostracized and made fun of because I was not “one of them.”

Despite often feeling “different” I never tried to be like other people. Sure, I wanted to be popular and have lots of friends. At the same time, I did embrace who I was. I enjoyed being me. Why? I believe it was because from a young age my parents repeatedly (and I mean REPEATEDLY) told me that I could do and be whatever I wanted. There was nothing about my skin color or any other quality that would prevent me from reaching my dreams. Sure, from time to time I was unsure of myself. But, at the end of the day, I believed that I was MORE THAN ENOUGH. I embraced my “different.” The message kids need to hear, understand, and believe is this:  There is nothing wrong with being different. They are more than enough.

Coming soon-- a new guided journal called, "Why is Different Awesome?"


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