Stacey M Design Donates ‘Hero Bears’ to Military Mama Network

Aug 15 2017 1 Comment

When I learned that Military Mama Network™ needed a sponsor for its Hero Bear initiative, I immediately decided that Stacey M Design would be the perfect sponsor.  Military Mama Network (MMN), is a non-profit organization founded by my friend, Geriann Wiesbrook, to provide support to active military personnel and their families.  The thousands of “mamas” in this network support troops and their families with thoughtful cards, letters, and packages. They also provide other types of customized support when called upon. Through its Hero Bear program, MMN sends special stuffed toys – known as Hero Bears – to children of U.S. military personnel who are dealing with crisis.

“Our hope is these gifts will offer some degree of comfort to children while their moms and dads are far away serving their country,” explained Wiesbrook. “We want the children to know that they too, have caring friends across the country who are aware of their sacrifices and send their appreciation and love.”

MMN selected these adorable stuffed toys because when their parents are away, young children often designate something soft and cozy — like a stuffed animal — to be a stand-in and a repository for the comfort and security they associate with mom or dad. “The purpose of the Hero Bears is to comfort kids during times of crisis and to remind them that they are much stronger than they think,” said Wiesbrook.  To make the bears even more special, Colette Cocokios of Simply Stated embroiders each bear with a special message for the child.

Hero Bears

When I saw these cute little bears and learned how they are used, I immediately connected the initiative with Stacey M Design’s overall mission to build confidence in kids and support children through tough times.  In addition, in my books and gifts, I love to use illustrations of super heroes and the concept of super powers to help kids understand how special and awesome they are. 

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~Stacey Montgomery

  • In our four years of serving our military families, we have had the privilege of working with many people.
    NONE have responded as quickly as Stacey did to meet a need we hadn’t even yet expressed. I look forward to the time when Stacey’s little boy materials are ready so we can remind our smallest service members that they have super powers too!
    Stacey offers the highest quality of product, fastest service and she does it with a generosity that is astounding. I look forward to working with her for years. I hope you do as well.

    Geriann on

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