Grrr… The Kids Still Gotta Send Out Thank You Notes!

Jan 02 2017 0 Comments color-in fill-in-the-blank thank you thank you notecard

thank you note card
Yes, getting your kiddos to write thank you note cards can be a chore.  Stacey M Design makes it a  bit easier and a bit more fun.  We give you options!  For the littlest ones, our color-in, fill-in thank you note cards are a great option.  With crayons or colored pencils, these note cards become mini-art projects for your kids.  SCORE!

Our fill-in-the-blank note cards are perfect for kids who are able to write a few words, but not ready for writing long sentences. EASY PEASY!

For kids that are ready to write a little bit more, we have flat thank you note cards with lines.  And for the older kids who are able to write a sentences, we have foldover thank you note cards that are blank inside. 

Check out our collection!

Happy New Year!



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