Why Is Different Awesome? Social Emotional Learning Curriculum


The Why Is Different Awesome? Social Emotional Learning Curriculum is a fun, thought-provoking, interactive 14-lesson program for kids in grades 4-5 that helps them develop skills necessary for positive social emotional development.  Based on the guided journal, Why Is Different Awesome?, the premise of the class is that through classroom discussion, reflection, and journaling, every child can learn to embrace their special qualities, respect those of others, navigate the challenges of friendship, and understand the importance of community. The overall goal is to build strong communities in school and beyond.

Designed to be facilitated by teachers, Why Is Different Awesome? Social Emotional Learning Curriculum includes easy to follow lesson plans, classroom discussion, role-playing exercises, and fun activities to help young learners feel more confident, more empathetic, and improve school climate.

Because the lessons are aligned with state SEL standards, implementing the program will help meet your state and district SEL requirements.

The journaling component will help reinforce comprehension, writing, and penmanship skills taught in language arts.

Lessons that emphasize empathy, gratitude, and respect help improve social and emotional health and increase sense of community.


* Copy of Why Is Different Awesome? guided journal for each student.

* Curriculum guide- 14 lessons, plus 20 pages of role playing activities and other supplemental materials for a total of 102 pages.

* Pre and post program surveys.

* Single site license.

* Support via phone, Zoom, or email.

* 60 minute training/implementation call with founder, Stacey Montgomery. 

  • Increase understanding of differences and of the importance of learning about differences
  • Understand strategies for standing up for others
  • Decrease in bullying
  • Increase in confidence and self-esteem
  • Increase understanding of  heathy friendships
  • Create an environment where community is valued





Because each student in the class receives their own copy of the Why Is Different Awesome? guided journal, pricing is based on the # of students.**

10-25 students - $20 per student

26-50 students - $15 per student

50-100 students - $13 per student

101-500 students - $12 per student

500+ students - $11 per student


**Programs can be combined to take advantage of per student discount