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4 Small Ways to Build Confidence in Kids


Whether you have a kid that is full of confidence, or you have a kid that needs a little boost in confidence, there are little things that you can do constantly support confidence in your kids.  Here are 4 ideas:

Clean Slate
After my son breaks a rule and faces the consequences, I always say, “Clean slate!” Those 2 words signal that we are moving on. Let your kids know that today’s mistake will not define them forever. Use bad behavior as opportunities to teach them how to make better choices in the future, without deflating them with constant...

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Happy New Year!

LMy Super Powersast year was exciting for Stacey M Design.  While we offered blank journals for several years, we took journaling to another level with the introduction of our guided journals: “What’s Your Super Power?” and “What Makes You So Awesome?”  It is so important to us that kids have a place to celebrate themselves.  This year we are building on this concept. 

My Super Powers!
We are offering a guided journal series for girls called “My Super Powers!”  Published quarterly, each issue will feature new reading, writing, drawing, and coloring experiences that will...

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Welcome, Fall!

Fall Leaves

While summer is my favorite season, there is something about fall that I also love. The leaves. The stunning reds, yellows, oranges and browns.  Even as the temperature begins to drop, the colors of fall always remind me of a warm hug.  Perhaps this was why as a kid I loved playing in piles of leaves. After raking them into a colorful heap, it felt good just sitting in it.  My mom once said that sitting in a pile of leaves was one of the rare moments that I was still.


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Sharing ‘Back-to School’ Memories With Your Kids

If we think back to our school days, most of us have a few vivid memories of what it was like and how we felt. The smell of arts and crafts supplies or a school gymnasium takes us back in time. These are the kinds of things we should remember to share with our children. Despite the initial eye-roll, your kids actually love to learn about your life before they existed, especially the little ones. Believe it or not, these are the kinds of things they’ll remember later on.

Back-to-school time is ideal...

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Girls Enrichment Program Enjoys “What’s Your Super Power?”

What's Your Super Power

I recently caught up with the Warren-Sharpe Community Center in Joliet, IL to learn how Stacey M Design’s guided journal, What's Your Super Power? benefitted a girls empowerment program affectionately known as BlackGirlJoy. This program was made possible due to a grant that the Center received, allowing Warren-Sharpe’s Executive Director, Kay Bolden, to purchase a copy of Stacey’s guided journal for each of the girls.

BlackGirlJoy was designed to give girls a place to have creative expression, go on field trips, and do service projects...

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