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In life, friends add color, warmth, and depth to our journey. Friends share our joys, lend a shoulder during challenging times, and support our endeavors. As we appreciate the invaluable friendships we've cultivated, it's essential to turn our attention inward and extend that same kindness and support to ourselves. Let's embark on a journey of self-friendship, resolving to be our own best friend.

  1. Offer a Listening Ear. True friends offer a listening ear, providing a safe space for our thoughts and emotions. They stand by us in times of need, offering emotional support. As we appreciate these qualities in our friendships, let's learn to be our own confidant. Practice self-reflection, listen to your inner thoughts, and acknowledge your emotions. Treat yourself with the same empathy and compassion you extend to others.

  2. Provide Emotional Support. When it comes to friendships, providing emotional support is an expression of care and understanding. Friends lend a compassionate ear, offering solace and empathy during challenging times. Similarly, in cultivating a true friendship with oneself, providing emotional support is foundational. Acknowledge your feelings, validate your experiences, and offer kindness to the depths of your emotions. Be attuned to your inner dialogue, comforting yourself with the same sensitivity you extend to friends. By creating a nurturing environment within, you become not only the recipient but also the source of emotional support, creating a harmonious symphony of self-compassion and resilience.

  3. Celebrate Achievements. Friends cheer for our victories, big or small, celebrating our achievements as if they were their own. In the same spirit, make it a habit to acknowledge and celebrate your personal wins. Whether it's conquering a challenging task, achieving a goal, or simply getting through a tough day, revel in your accomplishments. Recognizing your successes nurtures a positive self-dialogue, cultivating a healthier relationship with yourself.

    I have a practice of posting my monthly business wins on social media. I do this not to brag, but to remind myself that even though not everything goes as planned, I have had successes. This practice has helped me feel optimistic about my progress.

  4. Lend a Helping Hand. In times of need, friends offer a helping hand without hesitation. Extend the same kindness to yourself. Understand that asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Seek support when necessary, be it from friends, family, or professionals. Remember that being your own best friend means acknowledging your vulnerabilities and reaching out when you need assistance.

  5. Respect Boundaries. Healthy friendships respect boundaries, recognizing the importance of personal space and autonomy. Embrace this principle in your relationship with yourself. Set boundaries that prioritize your well-being, both physically and emotionally. Learn to say no when necessary, respecting your limits and honoring the commitments you make to yourself.

  6. Surprise with Thoughtful Gestures. Surprising friends with thoughtful gestures is a characteristic of a strong friendship. Translate this gesture into self-care practices. Treat yourself to small indulgences, engage in activities that bring you joy, and create moments of relaxation. Embracing self-care is a powerful way to nourish your mind, body, and spirit, cultivating a deeper connection with yourself.

    One of my favorite small gestures is treating myself to a cupcake. It’s not something that I choose to do regularly. Instead, everyone once in a while I go to my favorite local cupcakery, Area 51 Cupcakes, and buy myself one (maybe two or three) of their gluten-free treats!

  7. Encourage Personal Growth: Friends encourage personal growth, supporting our journey of self-discovery. Be your own motivator and coach. Set goals, pursue passions, and celebrate the evolution of your skills and knowledge. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, recognizing that personal development is a lifelong journey.

  8. Remain Loyal and Reliable: Loyal friends stand by us through thick and thin, offering unwavering support. Cultivate this loyalty within yourself. Be reliable in honoring commitments, both to others and, most importantly, to yourself. Uphold the promises you make to yourself and to your values. Do you fail to honor commitments to your friends and make excuses? Stop doing that to yourself!


As you reflect on the beautiful friendships you've been fortunate to have, extend the same love and care to the person who will be with you throughout your entire journey—YOU! Becoming your own best friend is a radical commitment to self-love, self-acceptance, and self-growth. Embrace this resolution with an open heart, and watch as the friendship with yourself becomes one of the most rewarding and enduring relationships in your life.


Share in the comments below one small, actionable step you're taking to be your own best friend. 



Stacey Montgomery
Founder, Stacey M Design Inc.


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  • Reminding ourselves to celebrate is crucial – challenges can also be a win – if we never tried we may not learn another way that would work. Let the celebrations begin 🎉

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