☀️Spreading Sunshine and Self-Care: A Monthly Greeting Card Subscription

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Did you know that Stacey M Design started off as a greeting card business?

Yes! I designed greeting cards. I have always been drawn to greeting cards for a very simple reason: they make people smile.  Greeting cards are more than just paper; they are a tangible connection, a way to offer support, and a medium to celebrate life's beautiful moments.

Even as I shifted the focus of my business to supporting the social emotional well-being of students through my guided journals, workshops, and school programs, I’ve maintained a line of greeting cards. My cards echo the empowering messages found in the guided journals and SEL programs.

Lately, I’ve become increasingly aware that the same individuals—moms, caregivers, educators, and community members—dedicated to supporting the social and emotional well-being of youth, are equally passionate about promoting the well-being of the adults in their lives. It’s also evident that they recognize the importance of paying closer attention to their own needs, a practice often overlooked.

Enter Sunshine and Self-Care™ —a program with a dual purpose. It's designed to resonate with those who seek to uplift the adults around them while subtly nudging them to prioritize self-care. It's not just a subscription; it's a journey towards spreading joy and warmth, one card at a time.

Just like a warm smile and a friendly hello, a thoughtful greeting card can add a bit of sunshine to someone’s day. But don’t forget about you. Be thoughtful to yourself as well.

My new greeting card monthly subscription program, Sunshine and Self-Care™, is here! Starting in December, around the 10th of each month, I will send you 5 newly released greeting cards:

  • Gratitude card
  • Friendship card
  • Encouragement card
  • Birthday card

Plus, 1 card just for you—the Self-Care Note to Self card.

Sunshine and Self-Care™ is a bit of sunshine to share, and for you, some self-care!

Like many of you, I strongly believe in spreading joy and offering support to others. My approach to social emotional learning involves encouraging students to lean on their supporters and to support others. Adults should do the same!

How do you support others?

There are many ways. Sending greeting cards is an easy and proven way to let someone know that you've been thinking about them and support them. A subscription to Sunshine and Self-Care™ makes it even easier.

The foundation of my approach to social emotional learning is self-love. As adults, we want our students to grow in self-love, but we don't always focus on self-love for ourselves. Sunshine and Self-Care™ includes a reminder of ways that we can practice self-care, self-love, and self-advocacy. The added benefit will be that we will model self-love for the youth in our lives and the youth in the community.

Here's how Sunshine and Self-Care™ Greeting Card Subscription works:

  1. Sign up for a subscription. For a monthly fee of $23 (launch special - $18.40). Your subscription will auto-renew each month. You can cancel at any time. The launch special ends November 30th.
  2. Receive new cards. Each month we will SURPRISE you with 5 brand new card designs especially for Sunshine and Self-Care™, subscribers.
    • Four cards and envelopes to share with others—the Sunshine: gratitude card, friendship card, encouragement card, and birthday card. These foldover cards are blank inside.
    • One card for yourself—the Self-Care: note to self card. This card is flat.
    • Four postage stamps.
  3. We ship the cards. Your cards will ship within 48 hours of your monthly subscription renewal. We ship the cards via USPS First Class mail, and shipping is FREE!
  4. Enjoy the cards. Spread the sunshine right away, or send them later. Read and reflect on the Note to Self. Post them on a wall as a reminder.

Sunshine and Self-Care™ aims to bring a touch of warmth to your life and the lives of others. By subscribing to this monthly greeting card experience, you'll not only have a new tool to help you support others and spread joy, you're also embracing a commitment to self-love and care. Let these cards be a reminder that, in the midst of supporting others, it's equally vital to support yourself.

Subscribe today and embark on a journey of spreading sunshine and self-care—one card at a time.


Stacey Montgomery
Founder, Stacey M Design Inc.



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