Entrepreneurs Must Own Their Power

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Entrepreneurs often find themselves navigating a unique set of challenges. On the one hand, many start their entrepreneurial journeys because they see a need and believe they have a product or service that can make a difference. On the other hand, many also face self-doubt. Along the way they question whether they have the skill, experience, finances, or other resources to make the intended impact.

As an entrepreneur, I've personally struggled with this issue. Even as I have worked hard to develop products and programs to help students become more self-aware and understand their value, I’ve questioned whether I had the ability and resources to compete in an arena dominated by larger, more seasoned competitors. In response to my struggles as well as those of others, I’ve adapted my social emotional learning materials that I developed for youth to help adult entrepreneurs own their genius.

A Simple Challenge?

In a recent confidence-building workshop for women entrepreneurs, I posed a seemingly simple challenge: list five things you are good at in your business. Surprisingly, several participants struggled to identify their strengths. In fact, even with prompting, there were some who were unable (or unwilling) to articulate even one thing.

There could be many reasons that the women in that workshop had trouble articulating their business genius:

  • Discomfort with Self-Praise: Some entrepreneurs feel uncomfortable praising themselves, fearing it may come across as boastful behavior.
  • Downplaying Routine Business Activities: Some may downplay their routine business activities, failing to recognize their significance as clear indicators of unique expertise.
  • Always Learning: Some entrepreneurs believe they are in a perpetual state of learning and growth, which may deter them from fully acknowledging their current achievements.
  • Imposter Syndrome: Imposter syndrome is another common challenge, where entrepreneurs battle internal beliefs that they are undeserving of their success.

Whatever the reason, it’s problematic. As business owners, we must be able to confidently own our genius.

Customers and collaborators actively seek professionals who exude confidence in their abilities. A hesitant doctor, a seemingly indifferent business coach, or a realtor unsure of their strengths may find it challenging to attract and retain clients in a competitive market.

Impact of Owning Your Genius

Owning your genius is not just about personal growth; it's a strategic move for business success. Clients are drawn to professionals who assertively claim their expertise, and it promotes an environment of trust. The more confidently you can communicate your strengths, the more likely you are to attract opportunities, clients, and collaborators.

Intentionally Building Confidence

Becoming more confident in our abilities as business owners requires intentional work. One strategy that helped me was to keep track of my business successes. At the beginning of each month, I take time to reflect on the previous month and compile a list of wins—both big and small. To hold myself accountable, I choose to publicly share some of my business wins. While celebrating successes might seem like a simple concept, the impact it has on mindset and self-perception is profound.

Before incorporating this practice, my focus was often fixated on failures and shortcomings. Shifting my mindset to intentionally keep a record of my wins revealed a clearer understanding of my impact and capabilities. I started to see myself not just as a business owner but as a skilled and successful entrepreneur. This newfound perspective has helped me adopt a much more positive attitude about my business, my abilities, and my impact.

Owing Your Entrepreneurial Power

Owning your power as an entrepreneur is not just an internal battle; it's a strategic move that reverberates throughout your business. By confidently acknowledging your strengths, you become a magnet for success, attracting opportunities and collaborators who recognize and appreciate your unique abilities.

As entrepreneurs, let's embrace intentional reflection, celebrate our wins, and project confidence in our genius. The journey to success begins with self-belief, and the more we own our power, the brighter our entrepreneurial future becomes.



Stacey Montgomery
Founder, Stacey M Design Inc.


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