How’s Your Summer Gonna Rock?

May 15 2020 0 Comments

How's Your Summer Gonna Rock


As the school year is winding down and lockdowns are coming to an end, our thoughts are turning toward summer break.  For many families, this year will be different from previous summers and will be different from what was planned. Many camps and other summer programs for kids have been cancelled or will be virtual. Big family vacations have been postponed.  We are unsure about when amusement parks, pools, and other summer destinations will be open and what restrictions will be in place.

While the impact of the coronavirus on our summer is certainly frustrating, we can still have an amazing summer.  Your kids can have an amazing summer.  Now is the time to plan and think of ways to rock your summer even if your original plans are not possible. Get your kids involved. Explain the limitations and ask them to help plans activities that are possible and safe. This will help them feel more in control and more confident about what the summer holds.

My guided journal, How’s Your Summer Gonna Rock?, can help your kids think about the summer and set realistic goals. It also has a space for your child to look back on the school year that is winding down and reflect on what they will miss most about school and what they will miss least. This section may be particularly helpful for your child as they wind down a most usual school year.  Here they can reflect on distance learning as well as the months prior to distance learning.

Throughout the summer your child can document different adventures.  Adventures can be any activity such as swimming, road trip, amusement park, pool, hanging with friends, or reading.  

Of course, not every moment of the summer will be amazing.  Kids will experience moments of sadness, anger, and frustration. Journaling may help your child work through those big emotions as it gives them an opportunity to be alone with their thoughts and feelings and reflect. Remember, How’s Your Summer Gonna Rock? is a journal. It is designed to give your child a space to document their summer experiences—good and not so good.


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