Guest Blog: Why a Therapist for Adults Recommends What's Your Super Power? For Kids

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I am a licensed clinical professional counselor and registered art therapist who works with only adults. You might be wondering why I am writing about a journal that is designed to help children. Well, the adults that I work with were all once children who struggled to love themselves. They wondered if they were good enough, strong enough, smart enough, pretty enough, special enough, worthy enough, normal enough. As adults, they still wonder all of these things. They were not taught to embrace their power, their uniqueness, or their inner strength.


Changing Negative Core Beliefs Established in Childhood

In therapy, I focus on changing core negative self beliefs that have been established early in childhood into positive self beliefs. Negative self beliefs or core beliefs come from within but they are reinforced by our environment, including our families, school, friends and even what we see on TV or what we read in books. These negative core beliefs are reinforced repetitively throughout our lives through various experiences, culture and relationships. These negative beliefs can become ingrained, making them seem impossible to change.

Negative core beliefs effect our choices and actions since they seem to be 'true'. They lead people into unhealthy relationships, poor decisions, unfulfilling jobs, and disappointing marriages. The main goal I have for ALL of my clients, is to help them see their unique qualities as strengths and their differences as gifts. Therapy requires extremely hard work since those core negative beliefs have been seen as 'truths' for way too long.


Establish Positive Core Beliefs During Childhood

It is my belief that if we start encouraging kids to believe in themselves at a young age, that therapy wouldn't be as needed like it currently is in our society. Maybe I'll be out of a job but it would be worth it to see kids embracing their strengths, their weaknesses, their quirks, and their differences. These children would grow into strong, capable, confident adults that don't need to be reminded because they knew from an early age the gifts that they possess are amazing, no matter their size, their shape or their ability. When we can help these children start young and repeat this throughout their lives, especially in challenging stages of growth and change that are to come in grade school, the dreaded middle school years, and difficult high school years, we can help to grow stronger, positive, healthier balanced adults.


Why I Recommend What's Your Super Power?

So that is why I recommend What's Your Super Power?-- to remind you that your children need to be encouraged to love themselves and it needs to start now! In fact, if you are reading this, perhaps you too can find power and healing within this journal. You are never too old to grow, learn, and become empowered. Stacey Montgomery's guided journal is highly recommended and much needed.


Laura Clay, LCPC, ATR

Founder of Forward Emotion, LLC, a therapy practice located in Lisle, Illinois, specializing in empowering people to love themselves. 


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