Set of 2 empowering guided journals for girls and boys

Set of 2 guided journals - one features girls and one features boys

If like most tweens your tween can benefit from a boost in confidence, then these guided journals are going to make your day! Designed with kids ages 8-12 in mind, the supportive journal prompts encourage kids to think about themselves and their special qualities. Because tweens sometimes feel self-conscious, these prompted journals include illustrations of kids with a variety of skin tones, hair colors, hairstyles, and with glasses so that kids will see themselves in the illustrations and as a result feel happy and empowered.

Titles include:
What's Your Super Power?
What's Your Super Power" is a prompted empowerment journal for girls that provides a place for girls to focus on themselves and what makes them special and unique. She will discover her super power!

What Makes You So Awesome?
Through a series of fun and thought-provoking journal prompts, the writer will examine the qualities that make him awesome.  And, yes, EVERY kid is awesome in some way!

Other highlights include:
-Several pages of supportive journal prompts for kids
-Interview with a real-life kid
-Space to express gratitude
-Coloring page
-Inspirational word art
-Short story
-and more!

Each book was was created with girls ages 8-12 in mind, but in reality they are also great for empowering older kids and adults!

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**All images and text copyright Stacey Montgomery, Aurora, IL. All rights reserved.

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