Funding for the Why Is Different Awesome? SEL Program

There are several potential sources of funding for the Why Is Different Awesome? Social Emotional Learning Program


Your school's PTO, PTA, or other parent/teacher group may have funds to pay for the program or may be able to fundraise to pay for the program. One of the goals of parent/teacher groups is to support the welfare of children in school and at home. They can use their funds to provide free programming to students. Because the Why Is Different Awesome? Social Emotional Learning Program promotes the welfare of students, parent/teacher groups could authorize funds to pay for the program.

The procedures and timeframes for each parent/teacher group vary. You may need to attend a meeting and formally propose the program, following the group's parliamentary procedure. While either a parent or teacher can make the request to the parent/teacher group, keep in mind that even with funding in place, the school's principal must agree before the program can be implemented.

Contact the parent/teacher group's president or fundraising chair for guidance as to how to proceed.


Federal funds are a common way to pay for social emotional learning programs. The primary source of federal funding for SEL has been the “Title Funds”. Title funds are federal money that supplements state funding for education. The following are options to consider for funding the Why Is Different Awesome? Social Emotional Learning Program.

Title I, Part A—Improving Basic Programs Operated by Local Educational Agencies

Title I, Part D—Prevention and Intervention Programs for Children and Youth Who Are Neglected, Delinquent, or At-Risk

Title II, Part II—Supporting Effective Instruction (Teacher Training and Teacher Retention)

Title IV, Part A—Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) Grants

Title VI, Part B, Subpart 1—Small, Rural School Grant Program

Title VI, Part B, Subpart 2—Rural and Low-Income School Program

Title VIII—Impact Aid


A school foundation is a nonprofit organization that is independent of schools and school district. The typically serve a specific school district and have a mission to advance the educational needs of learners in that district. One of their goals is to provide funding for programming for schools where funding through district or school budgets is not available. Typically, funding is provided through grants for teacher-initiated, innovative learning projects, such as supplemental social emotional learning programs like Why Is Different Awesome Social Emotional Learning Program.

For example, Scott Elementary in Naperville, IL was awarded a grant from the Naperville Education Foundation to implement the Why Is Different Awesome? Social Emotional Learning Program for the 2021-2022 school year.

Each foundation has their own rules as to the grant application process and the amount of funds available. Typically, a principal or teacher must apply for grant funds. Note that foundations have not been established to serve all public districts have foundations. Contact your school or school district to find out if there is one that provides grants to your school.


Local community organizations offer funding to schools for specific educational purposes such as implementing unique educational programs such as the Why Is Different Awesome? Social Emotional Learning Program. For example, funds may be available from:

  • -County and local government discretionary funds and mental health funds
  • -Banking institutions, including credit unions
  • -Police departments and other crime prevention associations/organizations
  • -Hospitals and medical clinics
  • -Libraries
  • -Community foundations
  • -Faith-based institutions
  • -Private foundations
  • -Local corporations or businesses
  • -Service organizations such as Rotary International or Kiwanis International