Workshop: What Are Your Big Dreams?

What Are Your Big Dreams? Goal-Achieving Workshop

Kids often say, "I wish I could..." or "I want to, but ..."  They are full of dreams and goals, but do not always have the confidence to "go for it." In this workshop we will talk about not only goal-setting, but also about planning and taking brave action to achieve goals. 

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify their positive personal attributes
  • Articulate the elements of SMART goals
  • Identify their supporters
  • Explain the lessons that can be learned from failing

The workshop will include discussion, journaling, a craft, and a whole lot of fun! Participants will each receive a copy of What Are Your Big Dreams?so that they have the opportunity to continue to explore the topic at home.

Teacher: Stacey Montgomery, author of What Are Your Big Dreams?. Stacey's bio.

Age group: This class can be adapted for ages 7 to adult
Minimum class size: 5
Maximum class size:  25
Location:  Your local facility- general DuPage County, IL area
Duration:  1 - 1.5 hours
Fee:  $15.00 per participant

Fee includes a copy of What Are Your Big Dreams? and all other all materials. For adult audiences, What Are Your Big Dreams? and craft may be substituted with alternative materials and activities. 

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