Gratitude Challenge for Kids

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Showing gratitude can have an immediate impact on others. Think about how you feel when someone takes the time to compose a handwritten note expressing how much they appreciate something that you did. It means a lot.

The concept of being grateful goes beyond how we impact others or how other people impact us. It informs our attitude on many things. It causes us to appreciate our experiences such as traveling, spending time with family, or celebrating a friend’s birthday. It causes us to smile and feel good about the little things in life such as the solitude of an early morning walk, the taste of an ice cream cone, or the warmth of a pet curled up beside you. When we are full of gratitude, we do not take these things for granted.

But an oft overlooked aspect of gratitude is that it has a profound impact on how we view ourselves. Having a grateful heart causes us to appreciate our qualities, attributes, and abilities—the things that I like to call our “super powers.” We feel empowered and confident. 

To support your efforts to teach your children the concept of gratitude, I created a “challenge.”  It is a 7-Day Gratitude Challenge for kids ages 7-12-ish. It helps kids become more mindful of the people, places, things, and experiences that have a positive impact on them. During the course of the challenge your child will also be encouraged to think about themselves and gain a greater appreciation for the gifts that they have to offer. While your child can complete most activities alone, they are fun for the entire family. Plus, the activities are sure to spur insightful conversations with your child.

The materials are only $5.00 and are immediately downloadable.


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