16 Acts of Kindness Kids Can Do At Home

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Acts of kindness kids can do

Being under lockdown means that there are some things that kids cannot do such as go to their school buildings, go to the playground, or physically hang out with their friends. They still can, however, do acts of kindness. Every day the media reports kind acts of adults and children such as making and donating masks, writing cards to the elderly, participating in birthday parades, and performing porch concerts. There are small acts of kindness that kids can perform at home that will make a big impact. 

Here is a list of 16 acts of kindness that kids ages 7 and up can do at home while complying with the physical distancing and lockdown requirements. Your child will have fun figuring out which activities to do! For younger kids, some of the activities will require parental assistance or supervision. 


16 Acts of Kindness Kids Can Do At Home


What ideas do you have? What acts of kindness have you witnessed in your household?


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