Design Project: Logo for Midwest Global Group, Inc.

May 29 2015 1 Comment branding design logo

Here is how the creative process began:
Stacey M Design:  You need a new logo


Midwest Global Group:  I do not have a logo.

SMD:  I know.  So you need a logo.

MGG:  I do not need a logo.

SMD: Yes, you do.

MGG: No, I don't.

SMD: I am going to design a logo for you.

MGG: I will not use it.

SMD: Yes, you will.

MGG:  No, I won't.

So despite the protests of my client, I proceeded.

Midwest Global Group's primary business is importing textiles from Ghana and Mexico that are used as graduation stoles.  The textiles are handwoven and feature bold, beautiful ethnic patterns and are worn over graduation gowns.  The stoles can be customized with text such as "Class of 2015," the name of an organization, sorority or fraternity letters, or special symbols.

I started the process by sketching a few different ideas. I wanted to combine the name of the company with a symbol that reflected the business.  Even though the company's products are traditional, I felt that the logo should be clean and modern.  Based on my sketches I came up with 3 preliminary concepts to present to the client. 



The client immediately rejected the first and third concepts because they featured images of stoles.  While MGG primarily sells stoles, over the years it has sold other products as well.  The client felt logo that featured a stole was "limiting." He liked the second design.  I liked elements of the first and second concepts, so I decided to combine them.  I liked the bold look of the first design.  From the second design I liked the ethnic symbol, the Lithos typeface, and the addition of orange to the palette.  I combined the two concepts and came up with this final logo.


While I was excited about the final logo, I was not confident that my client would like it.  However, shockingly, not only did he like it he said he would use it!  We will see...


Photo credit:  HWM Photography.

  • I liked the middle logo the best too. Nice job! :-)

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