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Design Project: Logo for Midwest Global Group, Inc.

branding design logo

Here is how the creative process began:

Stacey M Design:  You need a new logo


Midwest Global Group:  I do not have a logo.

SMD:  I know.  So you need a logo.

MGG:  I do not need a logo.

SMD: Yes, you do.

MGG: No, I don't.

SMD: I am going to design a logo for you.


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A New Brand

branding design logo

Recently I had the privilege of working with Sara Cormier of Cormier Creative on designing new branding for Stacey M Design. The collaboration resulted in a brand new logo that reflects Stacey M Design's fun, bright aesthetic. 



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Design Project: Create signage for a hotel for dogs


If your pooch saw these signs, would he or she know what to do? Would you? 
What a fun project!

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