Want to shock someone?

Jul 12 2016 0 Comments note card thank you thank you note card


I try to make a habit out of sending out thank you note cards.   I do this because I LOVE stationery.  Always have.  Always will.  Sure, I appreciate technology and use it constantly.  But there is still something special and authentic about sending out a special paper thank you.  

What I find amusing, interesting and a little sad is that many people are actually shocked when the receive a thank you note in the mail.  I have received phone calls, email messages, text messages and social media posts from people expressing just how surprised they were to receive a thank you note and just how much they appreciate it!

Shock someone today.  Encourage your kids to shock someone--- in a good way.

P.S.  Grandmothers love handwritten thank you notes from grandkids.  They may not tell you that, mom and dad, but they tell me!



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