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Isaiah on stage at Cool Cat Cafe

A couple of weeks ago when Isaiah and I were hanging out at the cafe at Barnes and Noble, he picked up a copy of Unfu*k Yourself.

I was shocked. No, not because of the title. LOL! I was shocked because he made the choice without my encouragement or knowledge to select a book about self-empowerment. He started to read it as we sat in the cafe. After about 15-20 minutes he said to me, “this book is about what you talk about.”

He ended up buying the book (with his own money) and finished reading it.

Ever since I wrote my first guided journal and developed my social emotional learning workshops and curricula, I have consistently shared messages of encouragement and empowerment with Isaiah and worked hard to live my mission.

My goal for Isaiah and for other kids who use my resources is for them to get in the habit of self-reflecting such that they will arrive at the truth of how awesome they are.

It makes my mom heart happy when I see Isaiah getting it. I’ve shared how he much he has grown in his belief in self. He is regularly setting goals, taking brave action, and advocating for himself.

It makes my mom heart super happy to see him take the initiative to learn more about it and do mindset work on is own.

I know how frustrating it can be when our students are unhappy because they don’t believe in themselves.

I’ve been there.

Through my journey, my work with my son, and my work with hundreds of youth in schools, scouts, and youth groups, I’ve learned that things can improve with the proper resources and consistent messages.


Stacey Montgomery
Founder, Stacey M Design Inc.

I love teaching students to believe in themselves and own their power. To learn about my books and programs, contact me!


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