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Lucy Inspired Me

hearing aid personalized

Last summer I asked a mom for permission for her daughter, Lucy, to model for Stacey M Design.  She was very excited and responded, “yes!” We discussed the details.   Then the mom sent me this note: “Probably won’t show, but she does have hearing aids.  Just an FYI.”  My response was: “No problem at all.  Even if they do show!”  That conversation stuck with me.  Lucy and her sparkly purple hearing aids inspired me.  Now when ordering my cards, luggage tags, journals and other products, in addition to having the option of adding glasses, you now have the option of adding hearing aids!

Shop Stacey M Design's personalized Valentine's Day cards, invitations, luggage tags and more!  Design a gift for your child that will make him or her say, "Hey, that looks just like me!"


Photo credit:  Amanda Wu

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