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Journaling can be priceless and timeless, but not every child likes to write. Matter of fact, many kids find it intimidating and difficult. But there are lots of benefits for kids who venture into journal writing. The most important thing is that your child sees the whole experience as a fun activity and not as a homework assignment, punishment or chore.   

A major benefit of journal writing is the development of strong written communication skills. It’s a stepping stone for future success, especially during middle school and high school. Through writing, kids are encouraged to explore the corners of their minds. They may even discover a hidden talent such as writing poetry or short stories. Children have such imaginative minds which can be used to write about interesting topics and insightful “stuff” from their daily lives. Journal writing also gives them a sense of freedom as they write about anything that’s on their minds.

Writing is also known to improve reading skills, grammar, and spelling. With regular practice, they’ll learn how to better compose and construct sentences, paragraphs, and compositions. And what could that mean? For starters, improved grades in school!

For kids who are journaling for the first time or who may be a bit intimidated by a blank journal, a journal with prompts such as What’s Your Super Power? or What Makes You So Awesome? may be the way to go.  For a child who is already hooked on journaling or creative-writing, I recommend a blank journal

Even the seasoned or enthusiastic writer may from time to time get stumped about what to write. To help, offer your child suggestions about what to write.  Click here for a list of 24 journaling prompts for the month of July. 

By offering these simple, helpful and encouraging suggestions, you’ll see your child’s writing blossom. Further, by helping your child understand that journaling is a creativity-freeing activity where they can openly record their thoughts and emotions on paper, these experiences will continue to bring many benefits and rewards as they enter adulthood.


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  • A valuable post indeed! Really surprised to read through the immense benefits of journal writing for kids. I must very soon introduce journaling to him. Journaling seems to be a fun activity. My son loves to write short stories on his own. I am sure he would enjoy journalling too. Please visit at for latest news in India

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