27 Playful Places to Leave Notes to My Kid Encouragement Cards for Your Awesome Student

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Note to My Kid Encouragement Card placed on top of a plate and napkin.

As parents and caregivers, we all know how crucial it is to provide our students with support and encouragement. A simple note can go a long way in boosting their confidence, brightening their day, and reminding the as to why they should believe in themselves.

Here are 27 creative and playful ideas for places to leave Notes to My Kid Encouragement Cards (NTMK) to surprise your student.

  1. Lunchbox: Make their mealtime special by adding an encouraging NTMK to their lunchbox.
  2. Mirror: Stick an uplifting NTMK on their bedroom or bathroom mirror for an inspiring start to the day.
  3. Homework Area: Leave a motivating NTMK message on their study desk to fuel their focus.
  4. Book: Nestle a NTMK within the pages of their current reading adventure.
  5. Backpack: Slip a NTMK into their backpack pocket for a surprise on the go.
  6. Dresser Drawer: Tuck a NTMK among their clothes in a dresser drawer for a delightful find
  7. Sneaker: Tuck a NTMK inside one of their shoes to start their day on the right foot.
  8. Sports Bag: Boost their athletic confidence by placing a NTMK in their sports bag.
  9. Breakfast: Set the tone for the day by leaving a NTMK next to their breakfast plate.
  10. Window: Leave a NTMK on their bedroom window sill for a pleasant surprise.
  11. Toothbrush Holder: Stick a NTMK on or near their toothbrush holder to make them smile.
  12. Computer: Place one on their computer keyboard.
  13. Pencil Pouch: Slip a NTMK into their pencil case for a study boost.
  14. Chore Chart: Brighten chore time by attaching a NTMK to their chore chart.
  15. Mailbox: Kids love getting mail! Send a NTMK via mail for a special surprise. Make a habit of making them to your college student once a week!
  16. Stuffed Animal: Place a NTMK on their favorite plush, doll, or other toy and let it deliver an encouraging message.
  17. Closet Door: Stick a NTMK to the inside of their closet door.
  18. Nightstand: Leave a NTMK on their nightstand to inspire their dreams.
  19. Crafting Supplies: Slip a NTMK into their craft project supplies to fuel their artistic passion.
  20. Video Game: Sneak a NTMK onto their video game console to celebrate their achievements.
  21. Under the Pillow: Surprise them with a hidden NTMK under their pillow, ready for bedtime inspiration.
  22. Pocket: Slip an uplifting NTMK note into their pocket.
  23. Car: Make car rides more exciting with an unexpected card on the seat of the car.
  24. Instrument Case: Slip a note into the case of their musical instrument
  25. Bedroom Door: Tape a NTMK to their bedroom door for them to see when they return home.
  26. Snack Area: Leave a NTMK near where snacks are kept.
  27. Playroom, toy box, or family room: Leave a NTMK among their play or recreation things.

Incorporating these playful ideas into your routine can make a world of difference in your student's day. The surprise element adds a touch of excitement, reminding them that you're always cheering them on.

Notes to My Kid is a set of cards with empowering messages to share with your kid. The set includes 27 different messages, plus 3 blank cards for you to write your own special note to your kid.

Can you think of other ideas about where to leave them?  Share in the comments.


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