Set of 4 empowering guided journals for kids

Set of 4 guided journals for kids

Using superhero imagery, each of these empowering journals for kids is designed to encourage kids to identify and value their unique attributes-- their super powers. Using the prompts, kids will reflect on how amazing they are and learn how to process in a healthy way negative messages from others. Each guided journal is 36-60 pages

Titles include:
What's Your Super Power?- 2021 Revised Edition
What's Your Super Power" is a prompted empowerment journal that provides a place for kids to focus on themselves and what makes them special and unique. They will discover their super power!

What Makes You Believe In Yourself?
Sometimes it is negative voices from others. Sometimes it is negative self-talk. As a result girls often doubt their abilities. Part of the "My Super Powers?" guided journal series, What Make You Believe In Yourself? is filled with inspirational journal prompts that are encouraging and empowering.

Why Is Different Awesome?
Different is good. But sometimes the world makes kids feel as if it is bad to be different. Why Is Different Awesome? celebrates differences by encouraging kids to embrace what is different about them and to accept differences in others.

What Are Your Big Dreams?
What Are Your Big Dreams? is a place for goal setting for kids. Through a series of engaging, fun, and thought-provoking journal prompts, the writer is encouraged to think about her goals and dreams and to take steps to reach them. Just like the other journals for kids in the series, the overarching idea behind What Are Your Big Dreams? is to build confidence in kids and help kids feel more empowered.

Other highlights include:
-Several pages of supportive journal prompts for kids
-Interview with a real-life kid
-Space to express gratitude
-Coloring page
-Inspirational word art
-Short story
-and more!

Each book was was created with kids ages 8-12 in mind, but in reality they are also great for empowering older kids and adults!


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