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Stacey M Design enjoys working with schools and organizations to raise funds.  Our products are particularly well-suited for preschools, childcare centers, private and public elementary schools, elementary PTOs/PTAs, kids' sports organizations, Sunday Schools, and other youth organizations.  


  • On-Site Kick-Off.  During a high-traffic period we will set up a table at your site with a selection of products.  Staff, parents and other supporters will get a chance to see the quality of our products and make some purchases to get your fundraiser rolling!
  • Online Ordering.  We will provide printed material for distribution to parents and staff with information for ordering from This makes it easy for people to spread the word to family and friends to increase sales.  The online ordering period will be 2 weeks.  Online orders are shipped directly to customers within 14-21 days of the close of the fundraiser.
  • Check Mailed.  Within 5 days of the close of the fundraiser, we will mail you a check for between 25-40% of total sales!  
  • Wait...There's More!  For 30 days following the close of your fundraiser you will receive 5% of total online sales from customers using your organization's code! 


Sales Total*                 Percentage            Money Raised

$500                                  25%                          $  125.00
$750                                  25%                              187.50
$1000                                30%                              250.00 
$1250                                30%                              375.00 
$1500                                30%                              450.00 
$1750                                30%                              525.00
$2000                                35%                              700.00 
$2250                                35%                              787.50 
$2500                                35%                              875.00 
$2750                                35%                              962.50 
$3000                                35%                            1050.00
$4000                                40%                            1600.00
$5000                                45%                            2250.00

*Total sales does not include tax and shipping. 


Contact us at to learn more about our fundraising program and to schedule a kick-off.