Social Emotional Learning Program for Elementary School


Why is Different Awesome? is an excellent complement to our existing SEL curriculum. It not only supports individual self-reflection but it influences the way students see, understand, and value others. It also creates space for age appropriate conversations that are quite relevant and timely on issues of diversity and inclusion.

-H. Boger, Principal., Scott Elementary School

Image Self-Awareness and Social Awareness

Why Is Different Awesome? Social Emotional Learning Program

is a supplemental Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program for grades 4-5. This program is designed to be an integral part of your school’s existing comprehensive SEL program and can be adopted at an individual school or throughout an entire district.

Why Is Different Awesome? SEL Program focuses on two of the core components of social emotional learning: self-awareness and social awareness. It teaches kids to identify their strengths, their unique qualities, and their gifts. It teaches kids to be proud of their unique characteristics and to embrace them with confidence.

In addition to teaching kids to embrace their own unique qualities, the program teaches kids to accept and celebrate differences in others and to be open to learning about other cultures. It encourages pro-social behavior and helps address challenges related to bullying, understanding differences, and poor self-esteem, all of which contribute to low academic achievement and difficulty handling social situations.

Image Integrates Into Language Arts Curriculum

Why Is Different Awesome? Sel Program

includes 14 lessons that fit seamlessly into your school’s Language Arts writing curriculum. The objective of Why Is Different Awesome? SEL Program is that through discussion, journaling, and sharing every child can learn to embrace their special qualities and respect those of others.

Through carefully crafted writing prompts, students can reflect on topics such as belief in self, embracing differences, feeling empathy, preventing bullying, developing friendships, sharing kindness, and feeling gratitude.

The journaling provides opportunities to practice important writing skills such as sentence structure, grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and penmanship.

The overall goal of Why Is Different Awesome? SEL Program is to provide a foundation for building inclusive communities within the school community, in their homes, and in the neighborhoods in which the students reside.

Image Goals Of The Program

The social emotional development activities seek to achieve the following learning objectives:

  • Emphasize self-awareness, social awareness, self-acceptance, respect, and inclusivity.
  • Reinforce writing skills via integration into the existing Language Arts and writing program.
  • Encourage self-reflection and provide a way for students to process their thoughts and opinions.
  • Incorporate the student’s thoughts and opinions and allow students to guide the conversation.
  • Promote the importance of discussing social and emotional topics and offer a forum for students to practice those skills.
  • Develop the student’s knowledge gradually using real-life experiences through 14 weekly lessons of 30-45 minutes each.

Lesson Components



The teacher introduces stundents to the concepts of the lesson and asks probing questions that engage students and elicit answers. The questions are designed to encourage reflection and deep learning about the topic and the students personal thoughts and experiences.



Journaling is an important part of the learning process. The process of writing down their thoughts helps students retain the concepts, and reflect upon their own views and feelings. Each student will receive their own copy of the guided journal Why is Different Awesome? which they will use for the journaling portion of the lesson.



This is an opportunity for students to share what they wrote in their journals with the class and the teacher. The topics and the teacher. The topics covered in this program are thought-provoking and students will likely want to continue the conversation.

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