SEL Elementary School Curriculum

About the program
Based on the My Super Powers! guided journal series, My Super Powers! is a social emotional learning program designed to fit into your school’s writing unit. The premise of My Super Powers! is that through discussion, reflection, and journaling, every child can learn to embrace his or her special qualities and respect those of others.   
Through carefully crafted writing prompts, students can reflect on topics such as belief in self, embracing differences, empathy, bullying, friendship, kindness, and gratitude. In addition, the writing prompts provide opportunities for students to work on personal expression as students are encouraged to find their voices and write what is on their minds.  Further, the journaling provides opportunities to practice critical writing skills such as sentence structure, grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and penmanship.  A direct result of the classroom discussions and journaling is that some students will initiate valuable private conversations with teachers and parents about challenges, worries, goals, and wins.

The program is designed to be an integral part of your school’s overall social emotional learning program.  It encourages prosocial behavior and helps address challenges related to bullying, understanding differences, and poor self-esteem, all of which contribute to low academic achievement and difficulty handling social situations.

Materials included
Program materials include a guided journal for each student, teacher guide, lesson ideas, pre- and post-program surveys, and supplemental materials.

About the books

Because there are many ways to encourage reflection, each guided journal features writing prompts, a short story, a poem, an interview with a child, a drawing page, and a coloring page.  Our goal is for our books to visually reflect the world in which live. To that end, each guided journal features colorful illustrations of children with a range of skin tones, ethnicities, hair colors, and abilities. That’s empowering!

The guided journals available for use in the program include What’s Your Super Power? and Why Is Different Awesome?

Pricing is based on class size.

For more information

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