Workshop: What Makes You Believe In Yourself?

Sometimes it is negative voices from others. Sometimes it is negative self-talk. As a result girls often doubt their abilities.  In this workshop we will focus on positivity, encouragement, and belief in self.  It will include discussion, journaling, a craft, and a whole lot of fun! Participants will each receive a copy of  What Makes You Believe In Yourself? 

Recommended age group: 7-12
Maximum class size:  20
Location:  Your local facility or at my Naperville location (extra fee)
Duration:  1-1.5 hours
Fee:  $15.00 per participant

Fee includes all materials, including a copy of  What Makes You Believe In Yourself? 

If your troop is not in the Aurora, Illinois area, check out our Workshop-in-a-Box option!

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