Zoom Workshop: What Makes You Believe In Yourself?

Zoom Workshop For Youth Groups: What Makes You Believe In Yourself?

Sometimes it is negative voices from others. Sometimes it is negative self-talk. As a result childen often doubt their abilities. In this workshop kids will focus on positivity, encouragement, and belief in self. It will include discussion, journaling, a craft, and a whole lot of fun! 

This workshop is ideal for Girls Scout Brownies and Juniors, as well as for other youth groups with kids ages 7-11.  With our new Zoom option, this is a safe way for kids to meet, interact with each other, and reflect on just how amazing they are! 

Schedule:  The workshop starts off with discussion that encourages the participants to think about the things they enjoy and their accomplishments. Next, the kids will spend time journaling.  Finally, the kids will work on a craft during which they will make "The Amazing Me!" magazine covers!

Supplies:  You will receive pdfs of the journaling sheets and sheet needed for the craft.  The participants will need a pencil for the journaling and crayons, markers, or colored pencils for the craft.

Time:  The discussion, journaling, and craft can be completed in about 60-75 minutes. 

Fee:  $50


Stacey M Design, Inc. is a preferred partner of Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois!


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