Workshop-in-a-Box: What's Your Super Power?

"What's Your Super Power?" is the question that we will explore in this workshop.  While the answer to that question is not likely to be "x-ray vision" or "invisibility," the kids will learn that enjoying math, baking yummy cookies, helping others, or having bright blue glasses are qualities about which they should be proud.  

The workshop will include discussion, journaling, a craft, and a whole lot of fun! Participants will each receive a copy of  What's Your Super Power?


With our new "Workshop-in-a-Box" option Girl Scout leaders can easily facilitate a What's Your Super Power? workshop. The box includes everything you need! The discussion, journaling, and craft can be completed in about 60-75 minutes. This workshop is ideal for Brownies and Juniors.

The box includes:  one copy of  What's Your Super Power?  for each participant; superhero mask craft materials for each participant; detailed instructions for leader.

Fee:  $13.00 per participant


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