Group Zoom SEL Program for Girls - Why Is Different Awesome?

Why Is Different Awesome?  Social Emotional Learning Program is designed to help kids embrace what is special about them, to respect differences in others, and to help build inclusive communities.  

This group Zoom option allows a small group of girls to work through the program together, ask questions, and share experiences.  The program will be led by program creator, Stacey Montgomery.

Age group:  8-10


  • 8 weekly meetings on Zoom for 30-40 minutes.
  • Emphasizes SEL core competencies of self-awareness and social awareness
  • Reinforces writing skills.  Each lesson includes dedicated time to writing.
  • Encourages self-reflection. Through discussion questions and dedicated reflection time, students learn to identify and embrace their unique qualities and understand their importance in the community
  • Downloadable materials

    Topics covered:

    • Week 1:  Introduction/All About Me
    • Week 2:  Different is Good
    • Week 3:  Being Mean
    • Week 4:  Friendship
    • Week 5:  Disability Awareness
    • Week 6:  Say No to Racism
    • Week 7:  Be an Upstander
    • Week 8:  Community

     © 2019. Stacey Montgomery. All rights reserved.  The program and all of its materials and images remain the property of Stacey Montgomery and Stacey M Design.




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